Commandment Profile:

+188) To annihilate all the seed of the nation of Amalek
Application to gentiles:
Partly required
Mandated punishment for violation:
From Heaven
Brief description:
To exterminate every last member of the ancient nation of Amalek, including its men, women, and children, and to destroy all of its animals and other possessions — in other words, to erase its very existence from the face of the earth.

The Biblical patriarch Jacob gave rise to the Jewish nation; his evil twin brother, Esau, gave rise to the wicked nation of Edom, some of whom became known as the Etruscans who founded Rome around the year 700 BCE. A separate nation arose from Esau’s grandson, Amalek (Gen. 36), whose descendants originally dwelled in the Negev region south of the land of Israel (Num. 13:29). Driven by the mad desire to exercise willpower for its own sake, the Amaleki nation mocked G-d’s miracles in Egypt and at the Red Sea and, to demonstrate its hatred of the Creator, attacked the Jews on the way to Mt. Sinai in the hope of inciting other gentile nations to join in the war against G-d (Ex. 17:8-16). The Amaleki nation fought various other wars against the Jews of Biblical times, finally being scattered but not destroyed by King Saul.

From there, the Amaleki people infiltrated other gentile nations, operating an underground network of subversion aimed at defeating G-d by annihilating the Jewish people and plunging the world into a diabolical war of rebellion against G-d’s Theocratic Law. Over the centuries, the hidden Amaleki revolutionary network created innumerable secret societies; invented occult “religions” such as Manicheism (the inversion of good and evil) and its close cousin, Satanism; infiltrated powerful positions in most of the world’s nations and empires; instigated bloody wars, mass genocides, and nihilist revolutions; and incited anti-Semitism and violent pogroms against the Jews over and over again. All of this was accomplished by Amaleki agents in disguise, unrecognized as being an alien force in the midst of the rest of mankind.

During the Middle Ages, the vast, international Amaleki network spread from the Middle East into Europe, where it continued its deadly work of subversion and revolution. In recent history, the Amaleki nation unified its revolution under the secret order of the Illuminati, from which emerged the bloody French revolution, Socialism, Anarchism, Communism, Naziism, and many other Leftist movements. With the Communist seizure of power in Russia in 1917, Amalek entered a period of open war against all nations of the world, not just the Jewish people.

As of today, the Amaleki revolution, primarily in the form of Communism, has murdered some 400 million human beings in history’s most staggering genocide, which continues at this moment; continues to operate some 10,000 concentration camps in Soviet Russia, Red China, and the rest of the Communist Bloc; is assembling the largest, most heavily armed military alliance in world history; arms, finances, and directs the international terror network, comprised of over 200 Marxist-Leninist terrorist groups throughout the world; operates the most massive international network of spies and subversive organizations of all time, directed by Communist Bloc secret police, which has now infiltrated and taken effective control of all governments worldwide; and is preparing to launch a third world war to destroy all religions, all governments, and all civilizations, as well as to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people everywhere. (G-d, of course, will not allow this scheme to reach final success.)

This commandment requires Jews, led by their king, to initiate a war of total annihilation against Amalek, even when Amalek has not attacked. Such a war would not be allowed for gentiles, who are forbidden to conduct wars for the purpose of conquest. However, now that Amalek is in a state of open war against all Jews and gentiles, the Jews need not wait for their king, and neither they nor gentiles are forbidden to initiate war against Amalek. Indeed, Jews and gentiles alike are now obligated to counterattack and eradicate this relentless enemy of G-d and man, simply as part of a defensive war of survival.

The current, most pressing task of both Jews and gentiles is to break the death grip of Amalek’s subversive hold on our societies, and then for our newly formed governments to begin the extermination of the Amaleki nation and all who collaborate with them. This will open the door for the imminent arrival of the Messiah, the Jewish king whose first task will be to fulfill this commandment by completing the annihilation of the Amaleki people once and for all.

Biblical source(s) (Rambam): Deut. 25:19
Biblical source (Sefer HaChinuch): Deut. 25:19
Number in Sefer HaChinuch: 604
Sources explaining relevance to gentiles:

  • Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 59a
    Gentiles are not permitted to conduct wars of conquest.

  • Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Melachim 4:10
    The purpose of having a king is to establish justice and fight wars (the two being related, and therefore fighting and winning defensive wars can be obligatory for gentiles).

  • Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Avodim 9:4
    Gentile kings may fight defensive wars (and presumably must do so, to uphold justice).

  • Rambam, Sefer HaMitzvos +189
    Jews must arouse all “b’nei Adam” (he includes gentiles by this term) to hate Amalek for its evil (thus gentiles are required to hate Amalek).